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I have realised that my obsession turns to beauty products, in times of high stress. I will scour the net for beauty reviews, obsessively read beauty blogs, go on youtube for makeup tutorial or collection videos.

My finds during this exam period,

How to press pigments – I’m definitely going to try this out during the holidays :) I’ve so many pigment samples.

Asian youtube beauty channels:
kaattmarie, frmheadtotoe 
I’m most excited about this because I have monolids and most makeup tutorials are not as relevant for eye makeup (which happens to be my pet obsession)

beauty etailers:
beautycrunch remains a favourite but it only ships within US.
strawberrynet – free international shipping
makeupgeek store – many (all?) NYX products, Ben Nye and MAC pigment samples
makeupmix store – some ELF, EcoTools, Jesse’s Girl, LA colors
starsmakeuphaven – empty palettes
charmingfinds (SG LJ) – palettes
soap ‘n sorbet (SG) – steam cream
koreabb (SG) – bb creams, Korean skincare and makeup
beautycarousel (SG) – Gransenbon and K-palette

organic skincare
whoopeekiddies (SG)
yoursessentially (SG)– seems to be down currently

Another sample from

I like this a lot better than BRTC protect mutiplex. It has higher SPF and smells wonderfully of jasmine without being overpowering and can act as a sunscreen, foundation and makeup base.

Colour: 2.5/5

It is better shade than Protect multiplex; more yellowish beige. However, it is still too light and a little pink for me to be an exact match. Still, the colour blends more easier into my skin tone and it is less obvious that I’ve applied foundation.

Flash photography: Like Protect multiplex, it has a weird ghostly effect, especially for close-ups. I think it is because of the pink undertones; not yellow enough for my skin colour.

Application/ Texture: 3/5

This is more fluid than Protect multiplex, but it is still a rather thick cream. Application goes on easier when I use a facial spray beforehand.

Coverage: 3/5

Similar to Protect multiplex, it is medium coverage. It does not totally conceal my acne scars or dark circles but my skin does look smoother and my pores less obvious.

Oil-control: 3.5/5

I find that it has about the same oil control as Protect multiplex: moderate oil control, about 4-5 hours for me. I get more of a glowy look when I do, inevitably, oil up.

Overall: 3.5/5

I may purchase Jasmin Water eventually but the high cost (SGD49 at Guardian) is making me hesitant. It is better than liquid foundations as it has more skincare properties and can multitask as sunscreen, makeup base and foundation. Moreover, the colour and texture are more suitable for me than Protect mutiplex. BRTC is one of the higher-end brands for BB cream and that is swaying me to buy this BB cream. Perhaps I’ll take that leap when it goes on sale and use it for the casual days like school when I don’t have the time or energy to prep myself before going out.

I managed to get a tiny sample of the much raved about Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Liner. I tried Espresso Ink which is a matte dark brown.

Colour:  5/5

Espresso Ink – matte black brown. Applies on very dark.

I like this colour, as it is close to black but not as dramatic as black, making it more suited to daytime/natural look.



Texture: 5/5

Espresso Ink goes on really smoothly. I’ll say that it has a creamy texture but does not crease. I have monolids but the liner doesn’t crease, even when I don’t give it any time to dry before I open my eyes wide.

Staying power:4.5/5

It does have good staying power. The liner is still dark after a day of wear, though it seems a little fainter. It doesn’t flake but if I rub my eyes (as I tend to do), it will smudge a bit.

Overall: 4/5

It is a good gel liner. However, I have yet to find the ideal brush/ method of applying gel liners and this makes it difficult for me to commit to using gel liners. Moreover, Bobbi Brown gel liners are out of my budget (SGD36). The high cost deters me from purchasing this when there are cheaper alternatives. (MAC Fluidlines and Inedible Gel liners come to mind.) My lack of experience also makes pencil liners a more attractive alternative.

I got this as a sample from

I really like it as it has SPF20 and is full of antioxidants/ plant extracts. It can multitask as a sunscreen, foundation and makeup base.

Colour: 2/5

It is simply too pale and too pink for me! It’s saving grace is that after much blending and letting it settle on my skin for a while, the colour does sort of blends in. However, due the wrong undertones, my sister could still tell that I applied on foundation. Not good for a natural look, since I’m naturally tanned, not fair. The colour is more of a pale beige with pinkish undertones.

A thing to note: This does NOT go well with flash photography. I look somewhat ghostlier (paler and pinker) in photos. It is not bad to the extent of being obvious but it is not very photogenic.

Application/ Texture: 2.5/5

This BB cream is really thick, not at all fluid or creamy. I find it a bit difficult to apply because of the thick texture. I also have to expend more effort in blending in order to get the colour to look more suitable to my skin tone. I find it easier if I use a facial spray before applying the BB cream

Coverage: 3/5

I’ll say it is medium coverage. It does not totally conceal my acne scars or dark circles but my skin does look smoother and my pores less obvious.

Oil-control: 3.5/5

Moderate oil control, about 4-5 hours for me. It is not very mattifying but it doesn’t leave me as an oil slick. Most foundation tend to get very shiny on me but for this BB cream and BRTC Jasmin Water, I get more of a glowy look when I do, inevitably, oil up.

Overall: 3/5

It is better than liquid foundations as it has more skincare properties and can multitask as sunscreen, makeup base and foundation. However, I will not purchase it as it is expensive (SGD49 at Guardian) and the colour is just not suitable. I prefer Jasmin Water over this.

review of BRTC Jasmin Water BB cream SPF30 will be up soon.

I got this free by using a coupon code when purchasing the Eyeko 3-in-1 cream.

I’m quite glad that I got as it is near perfect for concealing my undereye area.

Colour: 4/5

It is beige with a pinkish tone and it works wonders for covering up my dark circles. The pink neutralises my dark circles very well. Much better than using a yellow-toned concealer. However, under certain lighting and intense scrutiny, I feel that it will look more natural if it is just a bit lighter.

Application: 4.5/5

Very easy to use click-pen style. Just twist and click 2-3 times to get the product out and brush on. However the first time I tried it, I was too enthusiastic and clicked out too much concealer.

Texture: 3.5/5

Very smooth and easy to brush on. Maybe a bit too fluid as I tend to brush off the concealer instead of brushing it on. But I got around it by using a patting motion and applying loose powder.

Coverage: 3/5

It is pretty good coverage but I guess that my skin is a bit too oily. I felt that it sort of fades a little by afternoon but my dark circles are not prominent. I still look pretty decent, though not as perky as in the morning. However, it can get a little cakey because I need to apply more to get the coverage.

Overall: 3.5/5

Yes, most likely will repurchase again. The packaging makes it very convenient to apply and portable (good for travelling or keeping in a makeup pouch for touch-ups). Price is also very affordable, GBP5 (~SGD11.5).

Update: I changed my mind. I think I’ll rather save my money and find the perfect concealer. However, I’ll definitely keep this in my makeup pouch for the convenience factor

Heli = Helichrysum also know as Immortelle/ Everlasting (Helichrysum Italicum)

Helichrysum Hydrosol is the aromatic water obtained from Helichrysum italicum.

A hydrosol is the aromatic water that remains after producing an essential oil via steam or water distillation. Hydrosols are sometimes also referred to as a floral water or distillate water. Unlike essential oils that should be diluted prior to application to the skin, hydrosols are water soluble, are much more gentle than their essential oil counterparts and can be used directly on the skin without further dilution. (aromaweb)

Properties of Helichrysum hydrosol (sunrosearomatics):

  • strong anti-hematoma
  • anti-inflammatory
  • mild analgesic
  • anti-viral
  • anti-spasmodic

Uses of Heli hydrosol:

  • rosacea,
  • couperose (thread veins)
  • inflamed or irritated skin
  • compress for bruises
  • heal scar tissue
  • works well in a synergystic modality with Pure Essential Oils and other hydrosols. (gow)
  • good for sensitive, mature, or congested skin
  • helps heal ingrown hairs.
  • sooth sunburns, radiation burns, rashes, skin irritations of all types
  • ezcema
  • after workout/sports rub due to its powerful anti-inflammatory and mild analgesic properties.
  • helpful aftercare in any surgery helping to speed the healing of incisions and needle wounds while also helping to reduce swelling and bruising.

For myself, I find the smell of Heli hydrosol not very enticing. I can tolerate the smell, but I won’t say that it is very pleasant. Nothing nasty but very herb-like, not in the aromatic kitchen herb way. However, for its calming properties, I’m very glad that I had this in my drawer when my skin reacted so violently against the cleanser.

I have been getting a lot of makeup stuff recently. Latest additions:

Eyeko 3-in-1 cream, touch & go concealer, minty fat balm (GBP5, ~SGD12), got the concealer and fat balm as GWP with coupon codes.

Earthen Glow sample kit + face primer gel (USD10.5, ~SGD16.5), I got 2 free foundation samples and a blush sample.

BB creams – Skin Food Aloe Sun BB cream SPF20, BRTC Jasmin water BB cream SPF30, BRTC Protect multiplex balm BB cream SPF20

sample of Bobbi Brown gel liner – espresso ink

reviews will be coming up soon =)


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